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Owner of Lil Rae Cakes. Creator of Phyllis Herman. Photographer. Artist. And beyond.
Born in Florida and raised in Southern California, Jenny Rae is known among her friends and fans for her passionate drive, bubbly personality, magical imagination, and eccentric themed outfits. She is a baker, photographer, art director and artist.

Order Lil Rae Cakes

Chocolate / $24 per dozen


Dark Chocolate Mint / $24 per dozen


Peanut Butter & Chocolate / $24 per dozen

Vanilla / $24 per dozen

Red Velvet / $24 per dozen

Spiced Carrot / $24 per dozen (carrot topping varies depending on what’s available)

Butterbeer / $24 per dozen

S’more / $27 per dozen

Sea Salt Chocolate Caramel / $27 per dozen

Mexican Hot Chocolate / $27 per dozen

Coconut Pecan / $27 per dozen

Bananatella / $27 per dozen

Snow Queen / $27 per dozen

Mermaid / $27 per dozen

Make it Blue, Make it Pink! / $27 per dozen

Off to the Ball / $27 per dozen

Enchanted Rose / $27 per dozen


Allergy Warning: Products are made in a facility that uses peanuts and dairy products

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